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Infinite Loop Bag

Infinite Loop Bag

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This Infinite Loop Bag helps you close the loop in fashion. When you fill up this bag, you contribute to reducing the 85% of our closets that end up in landfills.

Order a bag, fill it with up to 10 lbs of clean clothes (tops, pants, underwear, socks) or other textiles (towels), and send it back to us - we pay for return shipping.

Your items will then be processed by our circularity partners for recycling and upcycling. Plus, you'll receive a $20 code to rebuild your closet with Infinite Goods' sustainable brands and designers.

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Who pays for return shipping?

WE DO! Along with your Infinite Loop Bag, you’ll receive a prepaid return label. All you have to do is fill up your bag with clothing you’d like to recycle and drop it off at your nearest USPS.

Once I get my bag, how long do I have to send it back to you?

You have no deadline to send back your Infinite Loop Bag. However, the sooner you can send back your prepaid bag, the sooner we can send it to our partners for recycling.

When do I get my discount code?

You’ll receive your $20 discount code to shop as soon as we receive your bag!

What items can I recycle?

We accept any clean fabrics. Send us your worn down t-shirts, mismatched socks, or ripped pants.

Are there any items I shouldn’t send in?

At this time we are only accepting clothing and soft fabrics. We do not accept shoes, jewelry, handbags, or other accessories.

What fabrics are best to recycle?

We accept all clean, soft fabrics. Today, clothing which is 100% of a material (e.g. 100% cotton, 100% wool) are able to be textile-to-textile recycled. Any blended items with natural and synthetic fibers (e.g. 50% cotton + 50% polyester) are difficult to recycle, but we can still upcycle them.