Our Goals

At Infinite Goods, we are on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by committing to sustainable practices, better labor conditions, and a more circular future

  • Sustainable Materials

    Shift towards 100% sustainable materials such as organic, recycled, and deadstock materials by 2025

  • Ethical Labor

    Ensure that our suppliers meet living wage and excellent working conditions by 2030

  • Circularity

    Build the first circular retail platform, with each garment sold designed to be recycled at end-of-life by 2035

Good Products are Nothing Without Good Intentions

We support our communities and empower others to make more conscious decisions. Learn more about our various partnerships and initiatives for sustainable fashion.

New York Fashion Act

We participate in lobbying for the New York Fashion Act, a new legislation that seeks to address the environmental and social issues caused by the fashion industry. The act requires mandatory environmental and social due diligence from fashion companies and to align their operations with the Paris Agreement.

Act now

Columbia Youth Climate Summit

The Columbia Youth Climate Summit is an annual event that brings together students from New York City schools to discuss and address environmental issues. Infinite Goods presented on sustainable fashion practices to inform and educate young advocates on the importance of sustainable fashion in promoting a cleaner future.