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New Merchandise from Recycled Denim

New Merchandise from Recycled Denim

An exciting new chapter is upon us, as we are taking on a recycled denim project to present you with a 100% recycled denim bag, handmade in the USA! While we are excited about this new recycled denim project, we could not have done it without you. Through our Infinite Goods Loop Bag program, we have collected your old jeans that would have otherwise gone to waste. Now, this denim will be crafted into something entirely new, all thanks to our partners and loyal customers.

The story of our new jean recycling project begins with the ongoing process of collecting used jeans. We have partnered with Helpsy (, a certified B Corp with a mission to keep clothes out of the trash. They work to mitigate the issue of textile waste by helping people to reuse and recycle clothing, and we greatly admire the amazing work they are doing to make the fashion industry a bit more sustainable. Helpsy will be processing the recycled denim jeans that are donated to us through the Infinite Goods Loop Bags. Next, we clean all denim at a local facility in NJ and the sorted and cleaned denim is shipped using ground shipping (the least carbon intensive)  to Portland OR, to our partner Looptworks. Looptworks (  is an industrial upcycling company that creates new pieces from waste, creating a circular solution for textile waste. In our case, they take the recycled denim, disassemble it, and turn it into an entirely new handmade denim bag! They have launched collections with Delta Airlines, Nike, Adidas, and Patagonia, and we are so excited to be working with them on our new upcycled denim project as well. Lastly, Infinite Goods receives back the inventory in our warehouse where we distribute it to you.

This jean recycling program makes it accessible for anyone to recycle their jeans, and through this process we are reducing, reusing, and recycling denim textiles to minimize our carbon footprint. This recycled denim bag project makes a difference in more than one way such as reduced waste, lower carbon footprint, and conservation of resources.

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You can participate in this recycling program yourself by donating your used clothing through our Infinite Loop program! All fabrics are repurposed by our lovely upcycling clothing designers and sold on our website. 


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