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Why is hemp clothing sustainable?

Why is hemp clothing sustainable?

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibers you can wear, so we are big proponents of adding clothing that is 100% hemp to your good list. Hemp is biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, and less water-intensive than your classic cotton. 

What are the environmental benefits?
Growing hemp requires significantly less water than cotton, helping to reduce the exploitation of earth's water resources. Additionally, hemp has both a fast growth rate and a high yield, making it a great resource as it requires little to no pesticides and herbicides. Because of the minimization of chemicals, soil health and biodiversity can be preserved where hemp is grown. Moreover, hemp plants absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide during growth, helping to reduce excess carbon in the atmosphere. In terms of the clothing itself, items made of 100% hemp are extremely durable and will last you much longer than a cheaper and less environmentally sustainable fabric. It is said that hemp has triple the strength of cotton, meaning it will last much longer in your wardrobe. 

Our brands
Our newest brand, Reistor, is a wonderful example of how to incorporate hemp into a sustainable and ethical wardrobe. Reistor uses biodegradable and eco-friendly materials that are good for you and reduce the environmental impact. Many of their items are made with 100% hemp which aids in a breathable, comfortable, and durable fabric. 
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