• Wages & Payment

    SLVR MAPLE is committed paying 100% living wages to factory workers in Turkey

  • Post Use Product Lifecycle

    All products are organic cotton and modal. By using natural fibers, garments are fully compostable within 2 years

  • Packaging

    SLVR MAPLE sends packages in innovative packaging designed to be circular and returned after use lasting, up to 40 times

SLVR MAPLE was founded by Rupi

Rupi grew up in India in a clothing family. He started his career at Saks Fifth Avenue and then continued to stay in fashion at Zegna. Over time though he discovered that the industry is polluting, exploitative, wasteful and obsessed with lower prices at any cost.

It dawned on him that a change was required and the idea of SLVR MAPLE was born. He created SLVR MAPLE to bring sustainable clothing alternatives which are resource and energy efficient and treat the humans in the supply chain with dignity and fairness.

He currently lives in Boston with his wife and daughter, and is in pursuit of innovative ways to create harmony between fashion and our planet.