• Raw Materials

    Salvage Lifestyle visits thrift stores to discover vintage pieces that can be transformed into modern womenswear. Additionaly fabrics are remanents from FABSCRAP, a textile recycling center. As a result, all Salvage Lifestyle pieces are one-of-a-kind.

  • Production Methods

    Garments are handmade in the founder's workshop located in NYC and moving to Denver, Colorado. The founder ensures sturdiness with double seams on each piece. Natural dyes such as coffee grinds and blueberries are used. All fabric scraps are kept and upcycled into home decor or pom-pom beanies.

  • Post Use Product Lifecycle

    Guaranteed quality with free repairs on all Salvage Lifestyle garments for life. The founder also offers alterations and custom pieces.

Salvage Lifestyle is designed by Britt

Britt is a solo female founder who handcrafts all of her garments. She studied fine art at the University of Pennsylvania and got her degree for fashion design at Parson School of Design. At school Britt took classes on sustainability and zero waste, which inspired her for her brand, Salvage Lifestyle.

Salvage is a clothing and home brand that upcycles and repurposes existing garments and fabric scraps to create new, one-of-a-kind pieces. Her goal is to help reduce waste in the fashion industry while creating unique pieces with value that no one else has.

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