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Recycle With Us!

The Infinite Loop is a recycling program designed to create a circular fashion system.

Through clothing swaps and our Infinite Loop recycling bags, we take back used clothing from customers and return them to our designers. 

Our upcycling designers clean, disassemble, and modify the original garments into new one-of-a-kind styles.

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Simply purchase an Infinite Loop Bag, fill it with clean clothing and textiles, and send it back - on us!

Upcycled Collection 1.0

We have launched our first upcycled collection with our preeminent designer, Britt, from Salvage Lifestyle. 

Scalable Solutions

We work with Sortile, an advanced sorting technology company, to develop solutions for long-term textile-to-textile recycling.

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Want to Learn More About Circularity?

Dive Deeper into Sustainable Living: Read Our Featured Blog Post on Upcycling and Its Impact on Environmental Stewardship