• Raw Materials

    Niall uses 100% recycled viscose spun from cotton scraps salvaged from factory floors which is diverted from landfills.

  • Waste Saved

    Niall Knithouse chose knitting because it is inherently zero waste. By spinning each piece directly from thread, there are no cutting scraps.

  • Senior Leadership

    Niall Knithouse was founded by a female designer, and partners with female owned and operated facilities, where workers are paid a fair wage.

Sydney Ellis is the founder

With a background spanning over 8 years of fashion merchandising, honing her skills at brands like Ralph Lauren and Madewell, Sydney's passion for sustainability ignited a bold idea.

Throughout her career, Sydney observed the alarming growth of fast fashion, perpetuating excessive clothing consumption and waste. Determined to curb this trend without compromising style or substance, she conceived Niall Knithouse—where style meets sustainability.

Niall is all about modular design, offering thoughtfully crafted knitwear that adapts to your style and values. With Niall, you can reduce your seasonal purchases without sacrificing your style, and embrace your individuality while making a positive impact on the environment.