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Sustainability Score

Infinite Goods' criteria for each independent designer that we collaborate with

There is no standard definition of sustainability within the fashion industry...

So We Set Out to Create a Standard Across Fashion

Infinite Goods Launches Unified Sustainability Score to Tackle Greenwashing

There are 30+ certifications including organic, recycled, fair trade, non-toxic, cradle-to-cradle, responsible wool standard, etc.

The lack of standardization leads to brands greenwashing or using false sustainability claims. Ultimately, it leads to confusion for shoppers and brands.

To combat this, we worked for over a year to develop a standard called the Infinite Goods Sustainability Score. We developed our score using insights from our brands, extensive customer feedback, and the expertise of PhD holders and graduates specializing in sustainability.

Our Criteria Focuses on the Two Main Areas of Production: Planet & People

Our apparel enables you to stay fashionable while minimizing your ecological footprint. Sustainability extends beyond environmental considerations; it also encompasses ethical behavior, inclusiveness, and equitable treatment of employees.

Sustainability and Ethics Rating Spectrum for Apparel Brands

Explore the characteristics that define ethical standards in fashion and unveil the criteria behind our proprietary sustainability scoring system.