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Best sustainable underwear

Best sustainable underwear


I am literally obsessed with this underwear! After years of struggling with outdated lacy thongs, I am so happy to have found Parade

Their underwear is extremely flattering and comfortable and made with sustainability in mind:

  • Raw materials: They use upcycled cotton from fabric scraps and 80-95% recycled fibers
  • Production & Manufacturing: They are aiming to have 100% renewable energy in the offices by 2023 and do not use toxic chemicals in their products.
  • Packaging & Distribution: All packaging is all biodegradable or recyclable. 
  • Post Use Product Lifecycle: Parade offers an underwear recycling program for their underwear as well as any other brands' underwear!

We decided to try these out for ourselves and here's our review:

Vintage Fit Bodysuit - favorite item

This is a must-have staple for the summer. Great for wearing with shorts or layering with dresses as spandex or cami. Be warned that the white is a bit see-through.

Made from upcycled cotton scraps.

Silky Mesh High Cut Thong - must-have underwear

I love this underwear! It feels like you have nothing on. I literally do laundry just to wear these again. The high waist cut took some getting use to but after a few wears, I am never going back to low-waisted. 

Made from recycled yarns.

Seamless Universal Thong - a great basic

I got two colors and wear them all the time.

Great sustainability stats as a carbon-neutral underwear.

Scoop Bralette - meh

A got this as a part of a cute set and find it pretty standard for a bralette. 

Made from recycled fibers.

Sweat-wicking Workout Thong - skip

This one brought me back to the dark days of my prior underwear brand. The low-riding is not flattering under dresses or pants. It also feels too short!

Made from recycled yarns and organic cotton lining.

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